Controlux One

Controlux One is a solution to control, monitor and manage outdoor lighting individually.

Smart lighting for all types of outdoor lighting. It optimises lighting conditions in streets, parks and roads, adjusting lighting levels to meet the needs of each space at each time. Levels can be adjusted identifiably, achieving greater visual comfort and energy savings due to the tailored dimming profiles configuration. Robust, efficient and secure communication via Power Line Communication (PLC).

Key points

Robust communication

Power cables are used to deliver digital signals, saving installation costs.

Individual control

Luminaires can be controlled and data can be collected from each luminaire.


Luminaires and groups can be dimmed according to a daily, weekly or monthly timetable.


The condition of the installations can be monitored via alerts and notifications, sent by this solution about the status of the luminaires.


 Economizes on the resources dedicated to public lighting, reduces light pollution and energy consumption.


Urban streets

Parks and gardens

Car parks

Cycle lanes


Controlux One specifications

Luminaires can be controlled and dimmed according to time and day in two ways:

  • By group: This makes it very easy to manage the lighting of an entire area, as all the luminaires are grouped together and respond to the same changes.
  • Individual: Ideal for places where lighting needs to be controlled very precisely, with each luminaire performing in a specific way.

The solutionallows the collection of real-time data about the status of the luminaires, including information on consumption, faulty luminaires, and incidents; optimizing maintenance and operation of the facilities.

Controlux One allows urban lighting to be controlled remotely through  a platform that saves and stores data of each luminaire. Lighting can be also controlled and dimmed locally when it is installed. The entire system can be integrated with SCADA-based platforms using industrial communication protocols.

The Controlux One interface is effective for:

  • Luminaire dimming for different urban uses, such as parks, streets and squares.
  • Integrate lighting data in management and monitor platforms, using industrial automation protocols.
  • Switch urban lighting on and off remotely in real time.

Controlux One,
power line communication



Safety and reliablitity managing lighting

Controlux ONE uses the lighting system’s power cables to transfer data.

Power Line Communication (PLC) technology is a robust, reliable system that ensures secure communications with minimal investment.



An open platform, extended and implemented worldwide

This platform allows multiple system component suppliers to be integrated, ensuring the installed system is “future-proof”.