Slide 100 years of light For more than 100 years we have been lighting people's lives, and as experts we offer
lighting solutions for public roads and environmental areas, sports areas, tunnels and
infrastructure, and industrial areas.

We accompany people to work, to their homes and in their daily lives, providing
security, warmth and harmony.
We are part of the story of illumination

Lighting for people’s well-being and safety

Our mission is to contribute to improving people’s lives through lighting and technology applied to cities and their various spaces.

We offer lighting solutions that provide pleasant, healthy environments for people’s well-being which are respectful of biodiversity, generating harmonious spaces that contribute to the development of cities, people and living beings.

We want progress for everyone, and that means a clean, inhabitable world. We are pioneers in the fight against a widely unrecognised form of pollution: Light pollution; and we take into account the impact of all our actions on the environment.

Slide Products of high technical
and aesthetic value
We are sensitive to light and shapes.
Thanks to Carandini’s team of designers and engineers, we are able to develop lighting concepts that seek a balance between functional and aesthetic design. Our products beautify cities during the day and shape the light so that at night pleasant, harmonious environments are created for people.

We develop luminaires that are ready to address the challenges that today's and tomorrow's cities propose, while always taking into account three basic aspects:
The quality of light and the well-being it brings to people. The technical design, so that the luminaire lasts over time. The use of standardised components to ensure their maintenance and technological updating during the product lifetime.

Designed, developed
and manufactured in Spain
We promote the circular economy in all our daily actions. Our designs are conceived, developed and manufactured in Spain, a distinction that gives us a reputation for quality and a fast response to any situation due to our proximity.

Slide State-of-the-art laboratory Lighting solutions with the maximum guarantees. We have the latest technology in our laboratory, where the team of highly qualified professionals tests and puts through their paces all lighting solutions in order to ensure that they offer maximum performance and efficiency.
All kinds of tests are carried out at our facilities:
IP and IK tests.
Electromagnetic compatibility tests.
Thermal tests.
Electrical tests.
Tests in an Ulbricht sphere on absolute luminous flux, colour temperature, CRI and colour spectrum coordinates, among others.
Estimated lifetime calculation.
Ultra-violet and saline chamber trials.

All these tests and validations allow us to design luminaires to be certified with the local regulations of any country.

Slide From design to delivery With our own production facilities, we can transform our designs into reality. We are responsible for the whole process: from the conception and design of luminaires, to the testing of luminaires in our laboratory, to manufacture and assembly, to quality control and delivery.

In addition, we place our expertise and knowledge at the disposal of our customers by providing them with:
Lighting consultancy.
Performance of luminance studies.
The design of special products.
The development of light control systems.
The start-up of control systems.
On-site project luminance checks.