Controlux CityMesh offers a smart communication network for outdoor lighting and other features of a smart city ecosystem.

Smart lighting solution that allows to integrate services such as sensors, energy meters, cameras, etc., to the public lighting communication network, based on the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT). It provides a network that allows service integration and information management (Big Data) as part of the transition to smarter cities.

Key Points

Two-way communication

Individual mesh control for optimised latency. Luminaires and other devices can be integrated and key operating data collected.

Open network

It allows a host of IoT devices to be connected. Wireless control (868 MHz) using IEEE 802.15.4g protocols, a global standard for wireless communications, IPv6 protocols, and 6LoWPAN adaptation and header compression.

Open and flexible platform

It is a platform with extensive cloud-based data processing and asset management capabilities with high availability and high-level security.


Optimised communication management between IoT devices installed on different cities verticals via a single communication network. Energy savings and network optimisation from day one.


Urban streets

Parks and gardens

Car parks

Pedestrian street crossings

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Features of Controlux City Mesh

Controlux CityMesh allows to manage lighting in seconds through a radio frequency communication network. The lighting management platform also allows luminaires to be grouped according to urban planning criteria, optimising the use of each installation. Luminaire group dimming profiles can be programmed on a daily or weekly basis, or to cater for specific events. Controlux City-Mesh also collects luminaire operating data such as consumption, status, and usage hours.

The system allows all kinds of data to be integrated into the lighting communication network, opening the door to the integration of services as part of the transition to smart cities. The control system optimises lighting management by enabling the operator to obtain full status data on the luminaires in real time.

Controlux City Mesh can be used to remotely control city lighting via a platform open to a multitude of devices, where information from each luminaire and other sensors is stored. The Controlux City Mesh interface is user-friendly, graphical and highly intuitive, so operators can:

  • Fine tune lighting management.
  • Integrate a big number of devices and communication networks.
  • Monitor the status of the installation.

Controlux City Mesh enables the development of flexible, robust, high-performance radio frequency communications networks providing smart solutions for smart cities. It provides a secure, robust, open and flexible platform for managing the different city’s assets.

Controlux City Mesh,
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Robustness and reliability managing lighting

Controlux City Mesh uses a communication network supported by leading companies in the field of the smart cities. This allows to integrate a wide variety of devices from different manufacturers. Its communication nodes form a flexible and robust mesh which automatically finds and repairs faults to guarantee data packet transfer and reduce communication latency.