Controlux Engine

Controlux Engine is an automatic and integrable lighting control, monitoring and management solution.

The ideal solution for complex lighting projects with integrated automation protocols and programmable controllers. It adapts efficiently and effectively to the technical specifications of each project and allows for customised lighting management.

Key points

Data transfer

Rapid, reliable control signal transfer using a DALI communication bus.


Light dimming scheduling, while responding to inputs from sensors and push buttons. Enables facilities to be supervised by monitoring their operating conditions.

Optimized multi-protocol communication

Integration of industrial signals (digital, 1-10V, 4-20 mA, RS 485, etc.) and integration options for a wide range of BMS and SCADA communication protocols (Bacnet, Modbus, Profinet, etc.).


Manual and automatic operation with dimming schedules.


Roads and highways

Airports and ports


Railway stations


Features of Controlux Engine

Luminaires can be dimmed according to different input signals and be controlled:

  • Automatically by the input of the different signals.
  • Manually:
    • By groups: This makes it very easy to manage the lighting of an entire area, as all the luminaires are grouped together and respond to the same changes.
    • Individual: Ideal for places where lighting needs to be controlled very precisely, with each luminaire performing in a specific way.

The control system collects all installation data in real time, allowing the integrated, automatic management of the installation based on operational needs.

The Controlux Engine interface is user-friendly, graphical, and highly intuitive, allowing:

  • The integration of a multitude of sensors and actuators.
  • Automatic and manual lighting management. The grouping and labelling of luminaires.
  • Flexible management. The system’s response to configuration parameters can be changed in the future.
  • System Reports. Control is not possible without measuring. The management system allows usage data to be downloaded for different periods (by day or month).


An effective solution for energy-intensive applications which need to be operated automatically based on operating variables such as brightness, presence and other signals generated by sensors or actuators. Ideal for train stations, tunnels, buildings and car parks.

Controlux Engine,
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Safety and reliability managing lighting

Controlux Engine uses the DALI protocol to transfer data.