Controlux Sense allows installations to interact with users, ensuring the right lighting levels anytime.

Presence sensors are ideal for streets, parks, pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes, providing adaptive lighting for the urban environment. The installation’s light flows are time-controlled, based on real-time user traffic. The lighting is optimal for users’ needs while generating significant energy savings.

Key points

Adaptive lighting

Wireless presence sensors enable multiple luminaires to be activated at the same time.

Individual control

Allows luminaires to be configured and data collected.

Stand-alone operation

The equipment can operate without communication gateways to the cloud.

Connected operation

Luminaires can be programmed by hour and by day.


Saving energy and minimising light pollution from day one.



Pedestrian street crossings

Cycle lanes


Features of  Controlux Sense

The system allows two operating modes:

  • Stand-alone: Once the hierarchy of luminaires and sensors has been set up, the lighting installation is fully functional with no need for an internet connection.
  • Connected: A cloud gateway allows the operator to oversee the use of the installation and modify the luminaires regulation patterns.

The control system, accessed via the luminaire management platform allows the operator to obtain full status data in seconds. It provides data of the luminaire and events, allowing the installation to be monitored at all times.

In stand-alone mode, an access key is used to communicate with the devices and configure them. If a hub with a SIM card is installed, they can also be configured remotely from the cloud management platform.

It is a solution to prevent the loss of visual comfort that occurs when sensors are not interconnected: the luminaires’ response is coordinated as each sensor is activated. It is perfect for:

  • Parks where the illumination of each space needs to be coordinated.
  • Cycle lanes where an adaptive lighting wave can be generated ahead of the user.
  • Streets with little traffic.

Controlux Sense,
wireless communication



An open, secure communication protocol that enables robust, flexible and secure communication

Controlux Sense uses a communication network with multiple communication nodes, that make up a flexible and robust mesh which automatically finds and repairs faults to guarantee data packet transfer and reduce communication latency.