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Slide Safe Lighting View more at Pedestrian Path Slide View more Slide expertos en luminaria vial led Proper lighting enable pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to move easily and safely arround streets or avenues. View more Slide Nueva solución de New sustainable lighting solution View more Slide Carandini offers lighting solutions that provide pleasant and healthy environments for people's well-being View more Slide expertos en la iluminacion de túneles desde Experts in tunnel lighting since 1919. View more Slide Carandini provide lighting solutions that offer inexplicable emotions for sportsmen and spectators and great operational advantages for facility managers. View more Foto Carandini Slide Poles and
Light Points
Know more Poles & Luminaires compatibility

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Rondas de Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain


Carandini is once again lighting up the Rondas de Barcelona,l, the city’s ring road, with an intelligent lighting solution for a newly created tunnel. In this case it is the Vall d’Hebron tunnel, on the Dalt Ring Road.

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