Carandini welcomes four new luminaires designed to offer a new concept of comfort and safety to urban life.

Century, Veka, Spin and Mikos are the brand’s most recent commitment to meet the needs of public comfort, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance. In all cases, the latest generation LED technology and an organic design as pleasant by day as by night, solve the lighting needs in all types of roads and public spaces.

Century is a luminaire designed to bring environmental comfort to parks, promenades, squares, pedestrian areas, residential areas and historical centres. Wherever people need to enjoy light and warmth, they will find in the system a firm and balanced light projection. Its aesthetic is elegant and contemporary and during the day it becomes harmonious with its surroundings, thanks to its invisible wiring and screws. At night, the atmosphere is pleasant and safe and beautifies the surrounding space. As for maintenance, its cavities facilitate the passage of water and the dragging of dirt, so that the necessary cleaning is minimal. And, on the other hand, its opening does not require tools. Multiple fixing and optical distribution methods make it a genuinely versatile game.

Veka, on the other hand, offers very efficient lighting on roads (main and secondary), motorways, highways, residential streets, bicycle lanes and car parks. Its four sizes (L, M, S and N) feature technology and optics that offer an unparalleled sense of safety combined with cutting-edge design. The system also has three fixing modes: vertical, lateral and swivel fork, which enables it to illuminate from the top of columns or surfaces.

The Spin family, made up of its M and S models, has a circular, organic and robust design that fits in perfectly with pedestrian areas, squares, gardens, roads and residential areas in our cities and towns. Its adjustable fork gives it a wide range of inclination and the ability to focus its lighting where it is most needed. Pleasant and safe environments for people, together with ease of maintenance (tool-free opening system), are two of the great advantages of this new solution.

Finally, Mikos’ organic and innovative geometry makes it an ideal system for unique spaces where details matter. Squares, bike paths, promenades, pedestrian areas or gardens now have an elegant solution with extensive features. Its optical distributions project a lighting that generates immediate comfort and safety sensation to the passers-by. In the event of maintenance, the luminaire can be opened without the need for tools and it is regulated by means of a fork with an inclination range of every 5 degrees, which facilitates its application to the spaces that require the most light.

With its new four families, Carandini has once again put its experience and leadership in design and efficiency at the service of the well-being of our cities. The luminaires are being presented internationally and will soon be illuminating the lives of citizens in many countries.