On March 21st, the star work of the macroproject entered into service on the A-23 highway: the Caldearenas tunnel, which with 2,885 meters in length is the second longest in Aragón. The infrastructure is located in the Alto de Monrepós-Caldearenas section, forming part of the Monrepós tunnel system, which connects the cities of Huesca and Sabiñánigo, avoiding the complicated orography of the pre-Pyrenean port. The opening of this great infrastructure has meant a great advance in the travel and safety of the highway.

Carandini has been responsible for illuminating this great infrastructure and the project has covered everything from the supply, to the assistance for the installation, programming and commissioning of the tunnel lighting control system.

According to the Ministry of Public Works, this infrastructure is equipped with “the most innovative safety equipment available in the market”. These include the Carandini lighting system, which combines the LED technology T-MAX projector with the Controlux Tunnel management system, which were presented as a case study in the VII Road Tunnel Symposium held in February in Barcelona.

T-MAX, a high-performance projector

The T-MAX projector has been ideal for lighting the Caldearenas tunnel. With a wide range of light packages, powers and optical distributions, all the stretches of the infrastructure have been solved, offering great results.

T-MAX incorporates state-of-the-art LED technology with high efficiencies. In addition, the available optics make it possible to offer adequate levels of luminance, uniformity and distribution on the surface of the road and the walls of the tunnel, providing the driver with optimum visual comfort conditions.
Its design means that the equipment is located in a separate compartment of the luminaire itself, thus maximizing thermal management and ensuring the life and performance of the projector.

In addition, it has a degree of IP69K sealing, which makes it suitable for high-pressure cleaning, an essential feature to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations.

Controlux Tunnel y sus beneficios

The addition of Controlux Tunnel to the T-MAX projectors means that the amount of light can be regulated dynamically and automatically, regardless of the appearance of factors such as the amount of external light, the maximum speed allowed or the number of vehicles in circulation at a specific moment in time.

The solution Caravanini’s Tunnel Controlux is the perfect ally for tunnel owners, not only for the energy savings, but also for its total connectivity, which simplifies the management, planning and maintenance of the lighting they offer. Additionally, the system allows to monitor the status of the luminaires in real time, to assess their status without having to affect the circulation of vehicles inside the tunnel. Combining the system with the proven efficiency of the T-MAX systems, the solution becomes a genuinely intelligent proposal that combines technology, efficiency, reliability, safety and design, ensuring the safety of thousands of citizens every day.

Carandini, undisputed reference in the lighting of tunnels
During the 100 years of Carandini’s existence, he has successfully illuminated many other tunnels around the world. In countries such as Mexico, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Portugal, Morocco, Spain, France, Algeria, Greece, Bulgaria, Great Britain and Malaysia, the lighting solutions of the company that celebrates its centenary this year.
The reliability, technology and comfort provided by lighting solutions in tunnels and infrastructures have made Carandini acquire an increasingly relevant role and be an indisputable reference worldwide in the lighting of tunnels.