Carandini updates SPIN urban lighting solution

Carandini updates SPIN urban lighting solution

Lighting plays an increasingly important role in the architecture of cities. Cities evolve and transform and, with them, so does the lighting we find in them.

That modernisation has given rise to Carandini’s next-generation SPIN, an elegant and aesthetically pleasing solution, designed to accentuate the architectural heritage of towns and cities.


In order to achieve a product with a more modern, harmonious and balanced appearance, Carandini’s team of designers has redesigned the housing of the entire SPIN family (SPIN M and SPIN S), hiding the power cable and allowing it to run directly from the bracket to the pole.

A new PLUG&PLAY connector has also been added, allowing for much quicker and simpler installation, as well as a new marine finish for salty environments.

Another new feature is improved energy efficiency values, reaching up to 161 lm/W, depending on the version.

Finally, for greater flexibility, 6 configurable fixings have been introduced, allowing for aesthetic and functional integration, perfect for any kind of urban application.


The SPIN luminaire was conceived in 2020 by the prestigious Catalan designer Lluscà, who has specialised in industrial design and product development for more than 50 years.