Review of the innovations presented at Light + Building 2024

Review of the innovations presented at Light + Building 2024

Carandini has presented in Frankfurt a range of over 15 new lighting solutions that captured attention for their design, robustness, functionality, and efficiency. Below, we take a tour of the most outstanding innovations.


Waterproof light fixtures: Origen, Nova and Polar

These three new solutions are designed with highly resistant materials that guarantee long-lasting illumination. They feature simple assembly, reducing installation and maintenance costs, and high efficiency.

Origen is designed for logistics areas and is suitable for dusty and humid environments. Nova stands out for its durability, modularity, and wireless connectivity; it can incorporate presence sensors and is designed to open without tools. Additionally, it comes prepared with an innovative closure for quick and secure mounting and installation in anti-vandal environments. It has the specific HACCP certification for the food industry and is prepared to operate at -40º (ideal for freezing chambers) and +55º. The Polar luminaire is the most robust of all. It is designed for demanding environments such as the chemical industry, heavy industry or slaughterhouses, and has an IP69K rating that prevents gas entry and allows high-temperature pressure washing.

Industrial high bays: Active, Malva and Valiria

The new solutions Active, Malva, and Valiria are characterized by a long lifespan, high efficiency (up to 160lm/W), and great adaptability to different environments and types of industry. They allow for high energy savings and sustainable, long-lasting lighting without the need for maintenance. Malva is certified with the HACCP seal and targeted at food environments. Valiria can withstand an ambient temperature of up to 70 degrees, making it the most suitable solution for areas with a high concentration of dust, sawdust, grease, and high-temperature water vapor such as paper mills, foundries, or steel manufacturing plants.


Designed by Jordi Miró, it aims to break away from traditional lighting columns to offer a structure that allows us to see through it. It consists of two slender columns connected by a base that, as its name (City View) indicates, enables viewing the city through the column, without losing sight of the urban landscape.

It is a highly versatile product that allows integrating other static elements of public space into the same point to free it and thus improve the visual environment of cities. In its first development phase, it is available in two different heights, 4.7 and 6 meters, with the possibility of including one or two luminaires at the same or different heights and the choice of having a 10-liter litter bin as an accessory. In a second phase, other accessories will be included, such as an innovative natural vertical garden that will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the light point and create a more sustainable and efficient urban environment.

Another of its strengths is the personalized laser engraving. It allows marking the shield of any municipality, giving a distinctive and decorative touch to the luminaire.

The new City View light point consists of the mentioned column along with Carandini’s Mikos luminaire.


All-in-One solar solution with microwave motion sensor and intelligent controller. Equipped with a monocrystalline silicon solar panel and a deep cycle battery, Ceres is designed to withstand more than 2,000 charge cycles. It includes a motion sensor for greater battery savings and product lifespan extension. Additionally, the battery can be replaced autonomously without having to change the entire luminaire.

Another novelty that caused excitement in Frankfurt was the T-LINE luminaire, a new linear emergency solution for tunnels designed to improve safety in tunnel evacuation routes and other public infrastructures that Carandini will present throughout this year. It offers continuous and uniform lighting, reducing glare and flicker effects, as well as allowing energy savings of up to 70% and a significant reduction in maintenance operations. It is a sustainable and versatile solution that also serves as a marking and signalling system.