Cádiz Bridge - Cádiz - CARANDINI
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Cádiz – Spain

In 2015 Carandini illuminated the Cádiz Bridge, also known as the Bridge of the Constitution of 1812 or “La Pepa”. The infrastructure crosses the Bay of Cádiz and is the continuation of the Southern Highway, forming an integral part of the access highway to Cádiz.

European infrastructure of 2015

The Cádiz Bridge is the largest bridge in Spain and the third largest bridge in Europe. The total length of the bridge is 5 km, of which 3,150 m pass over the sea and 1,850 m over the peninsula. The suspension stretch of the bridge is 1,180 m ling, and with a width of 32.5 m there are 6 motorway lanes, two of which are reserved for the tram.

It has a height of 69 m from the platform to the water and the pillars have a height of 185 m, making it the second highest in the world after the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York.

If we compare it to some of the most famous monuments on the planet, it is an infrastructure of astronomical numbers:

  • 69,310 tons of steel were used in its construction. 9.5 times more steel than was used in the Eiffel Tower.
  • The towers of the bridge quadruple the height of the Statue of Liberty.
  • It was built with 5 times more concrete than the monument of the Christ of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro.

For these reasons, the Bridge to the 1812 Constitution was recognised as European infrastructure of 2015.

View of the bridge from the peninsula at night.

View from the suspended part of the bridge.

View of the bridge from the peninsula during the day.

Lighting solution
Due to the variety of site areas, traffic intensity and speed, and the type of roads, 2 kinds of lighting were defined:

  • ME2 in the case of the motorway, as a large number of vehicles transit at high speed.
  • ME3a on interurban roads and bridge access.

A total of 772 luminaires bring life to all areas of the large infrastructure at night. V-MAX lights up the highway that passes through the bridge and the peninsula, in addition to the interurban roads that access it, while T-MAX has been installed in the areas below the bridge to illuminate the roads that pass under the platforms.

The distance between the points of light, in addition to their distribution, is variable, adapting to the different sections of the route and the requested lighting requirements.

Lighting of the motorway passing through the bridge.

General view of the Cádiz Bridge.

Access to the bridge that passes under the platform.

Interurban road around the infrastructure.

The V-MAX and T-MAX luminaires incorporate state-of-the-art technology in order to deliver great results. Demanding conditions and regulations meant that we had to provided a lighting solution based around the criteria of unbeatable energy efficiency, low maintenance costs and environmental awareness.

T-MAX under the bridge platforms during the night.

V-MAX on intercity roads at night.

T-MAX on underside of the bridge platforms during the day.

V-MAX on the suspended part of the Cádiz bridge.

The great results obtained on the largest European infrastructure of 2015 have allowed the closing of a circle of connections between the cities of the bay of Cádiz, making it a great metropolis and one of the main players in the logistics of southern Europe.

V-MAX – Motorway (bridge and peninsula) and interurban roads

LED luminaire with a unique design of expandable lumen packs that optimise luminaire performance, lifetime, thermal performance and aesthetic value by allowing light to be directed with excellent efficiency into the street.

T-MAX – Bridge lower platforms

Projector designed for demanding environments and efficiently resolves lighting for tunnels.