CEM Julio Méndez, El Prat de Llobregat - Spain - CARANDINI
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CEM Julio Méndez, El Prat de Llobregat – SPAIN

Carandini promotes the use of simple lighting dimming systems, such as Controlux Sports, which allow interaction with the lights so that the spaces can be adapted to the requirements of any given moment.

Installation requirements


The CEM Julio Méndez multi-sport pitch has 3 cross-sectional games pitches which, together, form a large indoor football or basketball court with a large grandstand. It hosts competitions at local and regional level, matches between friends, as well as training sessions for everyone. But the track also plays host to a diverse range of activities for very unique people.

To illuminate the space, the Carandini T-MAX LED projector has been fitted, which, thanks to the diversity of power and photometric distribution available, efficiently resolves the lighting of sports pitches, stadiums, tennis and paddle courts or swimming pools, among others. In this case, it has provided the indoor sports pitch at CEM Julio Méndez with very powerful uniform lighting, an essential element for both sportsmen and women and spectators to enjoy sport in the best possible conditions.

While the system commissioning was being carried out, the great social function of the centre for the neighbourhood in which it is located was abundantly clear. Physical education classes for high school students, mobility games for the elderly and an endless number of other activities. Therefore, the lighting of the pavilion required a diversity of scenarios, because different people and activities needed lighting that would adjust to the visual requirements of each setting. For this reason, the lighting of each of the pitches required independent control, as well as one for the general pitch.

General view of the track

General view of the grandstands

System proposed

Electrical switches could have been used to control each of the lighting groups in a different way, but this did not provide the facility with the level of energy saving intended to be achieved by the decision to change the lighting. Furthermore, switching off the lights did not guarantee the levels of light uniformity required for the regular activity of the track. The use of Carandini’s Controlux Sports system was therefore proposed. This system allows luminaire’s dimming individually or in groups, as well as the placement of light and presence sensors that turn the lights on, off and dimm them individually.

In this project, adjustment to the required levels of each activity was a key prerequisite. For this reason, the system has buttons that allow the lighting percentages of each zone to be adjusted to those required at any given time.

View of the track where different activities are taking place at the same time.

Architecture of the project

The project has three communication buses along the infrastructure that achieve group dimming of each of the lighting blocks. By using a digital and addressable protocol such as the DALI incorporated as standard in the LED lights, investment has been minimal. This is the reason for the effectiveness of the system, because the aim is to achieve the highest level of user comfort without incurring highly complex systems and investments. The dimming levels can be modified by means of scene setting buttons and, if necessary, the light levels applied in each scene can be adjusted by means of a simple interface between a computer and the DALI BUSES.

Lighting levels and uniformities required for the ongoing activity.

Results: Savings and improvements in the lighting service

Carandini’s Controlux Sports system has managed to generate a great positive impact on the facilities by minimising the infrastructure needed to regulate the lighting. The lighting scenarios can be changed at any time to achieve adjustment to the various functionalities and changes that may occur in the future.  The installed system allows the control of the installations from a physical button interface, making it possible for the staff involved in the maintenance of the infrastructure to vary the light levels at any time in a comfortable and easy way.

Due to its adaptation, ease of use and operational efficiency, this sports centre has optimised its facilities by achieving an adaptive lighting system that meets the needs of every single moment. Carandini has worked together with all the teams involved in the project, from the design of the facilities to the manufacture of the lights, the implementation of the control bus and the commissioning of the system. This once again demonstrates Carandini’s commitment to the intelligent lighting of sports spaces and the efficiency and innovation of its products. Because at the end of the day, Controlux Sports takes care of the lighting so that the users can focus on playing.


T-MAX has been designed using the latest in LED lighting, developing a housing that is guaranteed to last for decades within tunnel environments.


Controlux Sports is a solution for dimming lighting in sports facilities.