Customisation of urban lighting solutions
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Studio Pomněnka, Poděbrady – CZECH REPUBLIC

At Carandini we offer customisable, unique lighting solutions. We work with a team of designers that adapts to the needs and expectations of each client, offering exclusive customisation according to project needs and environmental requirements.

An example of our tailored projects is at Studio Pomněnka, in the Czech Republic. A client was seeking an efficient, safe and innovative solution with an elegant and original design that would stand out without compromising on caring for the environment and looking after energy savings.


A custom project

To meet the client’s demands, our experts designed a solution based on a combination on two of our products: the SPIN floodlight and CONUS luminaire.

The CONUS lights underwent the greatest customisation. Besides painting part of the column blue, an arm-shaped metal structure was added to welcome visitors at the entrance to the studio.


The chance to be unique

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to bring life to their ideas, no matter how exclusive. We analyse different possibilities and propose materials, assemblies, wiring options, etc., and anything else needed to turn a simple sketch into a unique lighting solution.

If you want a custom lighting project, contact us!


Spin is Carandini’s news lighting concept that has been designed for all types of urban spaces.


Conus is designed and manufactured by Carandini for urban environments.