Fondo d'en Peixo swimming pool, El Prat de Llobregat - Spain - CARANDINI
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Fondo d’en Peixo Swimming Pool, El Prat de Llobregat – SPAIN

Carandini renewed the lighting at the Fondo d’en Peixo indoor pool, in El Prat de Llobregat – Barcelona It is 25 metres long, which required a control system in order to regulate the lighting according to the natural light entering the interior which, in addition, during the summer season. intensifies further as the roof of the facility opens.

Lighting solution
The light solution used by Carandini is the T-MAX floodlight which is designed for demanding environments and efficiently handles lighting in sports areas such as stadiums, pavilions, tennis courts, swimming pools and velodromes, among others, thanks to its diversity of light packages and photometric distributions.

The luminaires were arranged in three rows. Each of the rows provides the facilities with distinct lighting; one is used for the lighting of the viewing stands, a second directly illuminates the swimming pool, and the third has an ambient function with its contribution of light to the swimming pool.

Its installation in the Fondo d’en Peixo pool has significantly improved the performance of the previous metal halide luminaires.

Control system proposed
In order to regulate each group of luminaires differently, electrical switches could be used, but this would not give the facilities the energy saving levels intended by changing the lighting. In addition, switching off luminaires did not guarantee the light uniformity levels required for normal pool activities. The use of Carandini’s Controlux Sports system was therefore considered. This system, allows the regulation of the luminaires individually or in groups, in addition to the light and presence detectors that switch on/off and regulate the luminaires individually.

In this project, saving energy was a key requirement. For that reason, an energy-saving system was proposed by compensating for the contribution of sunlight through the windows of the facility. The system regulates the lighting levels of the luminaires to ensure that artificial lighting provides the amount of light needed at every moment of the day. Thus, a system has been designed to capture light that enters the windows to ensure an adequate amount of light for the use of the installations at all times. Considering that the facility has a roof that opens during the warmer months, the natural light gathering system is even more necessary, as it generates huge savings during that time of the year. On the other hand, the lighting of the viewing stands is not necessary when there are no spectators within the facilities.

Therefore, the system has push buttons that allow the activation/deactivation of the automatic operation module, as well as the switching off and on of each group of luminaires, adapting the lighting levels and illuminated areas to the facility’s occupancy.

Project architecture
The project has a communication bus along the infrastructure that handles group regulation of each of the luminaire blocks. When using a digital, addressable protocol such as the DALI, it also sends the light sensor signal. The sensor was designed with a very high degree of protection against water (IP), since it is in a swimming pool. This minimizes the wiring used within the facility and provides differentiated control of the luminaires. All signals, in addition to the system’s response to them, can be seen on a central control module, located on the facility control panel.

Results: Savings and improvements in lighting service
Carandini’s Controlux Sports system has managed to have a huge positive impact on the facilities, by minimising the infrastructure required to regulate lighting. The automatic lighting regulation system via a centralised control module enables on-the-fly monitoring of the facilities and maximises energy savings. In addition, the regulation instructions can be varied at any time in order to adjust to the various functions and changes that may occur in the future. The installed system allows control of the facilities from a physical push button interface, making it convenient and easy to vary the lighting levels at any time.

Through adaptation, ease of use and operational efficiency, this sports centre has optimised its lighting installation by obtaining an adaptive lighting system that meets the needs of the centre at all times. Carandini has worked with all the teams involved in the project, from the design of the installation to the manufacture of luminaires, the incorporation of the control buses and the start-up of the system. This demonstrates, once again, Carandini’s commitment to intelligent lighting for sports areas, and efficiency and innovation in its products.


The system allows the implementation of a wide range of tailor-made solutions and their integration into the most common communication protocols in the field of industrial automation and smart cities.


Projector designed for demanding environments and efficiently resolves the lighting of sports spaces.