Vilsonovo Pomenade, Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina - CARANDINI
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Vilsonovo Pomenade, Sarajevo – BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

Vilsonovo Pomenade, Sarajevo – BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

Since the end of the Balkan War in 1995, many efforts have been made for the reconstruction and modernization of Sarajevo, the city most devastated by the conflict. In 2021, the city council promoted a plan to improve the lighting network in some of the city’s areas, such as the famous Vilsonovo promenade, in the city center.


Surrounded by groves of trees and next to the Miljacka River, the Vilsonovo Pomenade lighting was not existing. To change this situation, the Municipality drew up a plan to revitalize the promenade and its surroundings with the opening of new restaurants, bars… and, of course, the creation of new lighting.

In this project commissioned by Manedra, Carandini installed along the promenade 148 Clamod environmental luminaires, a classic and functional model totally sustainable (95.8% recyclable) and friendly to the environment and people. To preserve the biodiversity of the space, it was necessary to integrate LED lighting with a color temperature of 2200K and a color rendering higher than 70 (CRI). Moreover, the Municipality of Sarajevo wanted to further integrate the luminaires into the landscape and therefore decided to place them in RAL 6005 (dark green color).

Thanks to this project, the Vilsonovo Pomenade has quickly become one of the favorite places for the city’s inhabitants to go for a walk, go cycling…


Clamod is Carandini’s luminaire for environmental applications with a classic and urban design.